Fuzz Ink· Records

Fuzz Ink· Records is an independent record label based in Athens, Greece, founded in 2015 running as a subsidiary of Fuzz Ink· Screen-printing Studio.

Fuzz Ink· Records speaks the post / psychedelic / sludge / punk / noise idioms but is literally dyslectic.

Fuzz Ink· Records specializes in limited edition vinyl and CD releases, oftenly screen-printed and/or using special packaging but is running in a very DIY manner fueled by pure love for music, the underground scene, beer and barbeques.

As a label that centres on philanthropic work as well as social well-being, Fuzz Ink· Records mostly releases music by these who always feel a couple drinks (or jangs whatsoever) behind and, thus, would otherwise never find the inner strength and mental clarity to do it themselves. Fuzz Ink· Records cares.