Ganja Tales - The BBQ Chronicles Poster Set


Based on "Ganja Tales" released almost a decade ago,
"The Barbeque Chronicles" finds our beloved Bassment Rats super stoned and trapped inside a beer keg!
Will they manage to escape and savour Fuzz Ink's grill delicacies?

70 x 20 cm / Handprinted / Set of 2 posters.

Run of 29 sets with Lavender Purple & Fuzzy Green Inks on Keya Kolour Original - Aubergine 300gsm paper.
Run of 20 sets with Smokey White & Desert Orange Inks on Keya Kolour Original - Royal Blue 300gsm paper.

All copies are stamped and numbered.

Designed by Bassment Rats.
Artistic production curated by Fuzz Ink.
All silkscreen done by Fuzz Ink.