"The Van" Denim Blue T-Shirt by Out of Medium


It all starts with a van.
Who is gonna stay sober so that he will be "the Driver"?
Who is gonna be at the merch during the show, thus having the title of "the Merch Guy"?
And that tall dude? Is that "the Sound Guy"?
Oh, the guy that always complains about everything. "The #tourmanagement dude".
But above all and everything else, it's "the Band". "The Artist" if you may.

Again, it all starts with "the Van". Let's load.

High Quality, custom, 100% Cotton T-Shirt in denim blue colour with purple inner neck lining.
Design printed with water-based inks.

Original design by Bassment Rats.

All t-shirts are custom made to order, locally in Greece, with extra love and care.

All silkscreen done by Fuzz Ink in South Koukaki, Athens, Greece.

Brought to you by Out of Medium.